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Walk Like a Bee

Invisible Flock – Land Body Ecologies, Ban Nong Tao (TH), Jennifer Katanyoutanant (TH)

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The Ban Nong Tao Garden presents Walk Like a Bee, a living documentary that merges the science of rotational farming with Pgak’yau folk wisdom to share multiple perspectives around fire forests and spiritual connection. Viewers connect with Northern Thailand’s ecosystem by encountering the same granular decisions that indigenous communities consider when safeguarding their forest homes against the backdrop of colonial conservation policies. It’s a game of perspective. This collaboration brings together a global collective of people from different fields, worldviews and cultures; looking to communities with deeply rooted connections to their land in order to explore how nature and our psyches are intrinsically linked, and how storytelling methodologies can help us to equitably communicate these complexities to audiences.


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Invisible Flock
Ban Nong Tao Community
Siwakorn Odochao
Jennifer Katanyoutanant