We Are Data

We Are Data – Fellows

Ahmed Aiuby (EG), Ahmed Soleman (EG), Imane Ibrahim (EG), Mona Makhlouf (EG), Sabah Elhadid (EG), Shadwa Ali (EG)

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Click on the website link above to learn more about the 6 Egyptian fellows and their exploratory projects that they developed during their 7 month fellowship. Below is a listing of each of the fellows’ work:

Ahmad Aiuby: “Failed: No Face Detected”
Ahmed Soliman: “The Path of Qasr Al Nil”
Imane Ibrahim: “What Happened Last Year”
Mona Makhlouf: “Can You Write That Sound”
Sabah El Hadid: “Fantasy vs. Reality”
Shadwa Ali: “Dust and Glitter”

Ahmad Aiuby: Ahmad Aiuby is an artist from Upper Egypt. He is working with creative coding, machine learning, software, field recording, and photography. His work has been exhibited in Cairographie Festival (2017) and Roznama 7th (2019), in Cairo. Aiuby was a recipient of a “We Are Data”, during which time, he started a journey to explore how aesthetic experiences could reveal the ethics behind artificial intelligence. Aiuby studied Arts & Culture at the Cairo Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (CILAS), and Automotive Engineering at Minia University.

Ahmed Soliman: Ahmed Soliman is a contemporary artist who graduated from Department of Fine Arts, with a Bacchelor in Photography and Drawing. He is currently studying for a Master’s degree in the same field. Soleman has received several awards for his work, notably Grand Prize at the 27th Youth Salon Award of the Second Festival for Arab Youth, Second Dai Arab Youth Festival and the 30th Youth Salon Award for Installation.

Imane Ibrahim: Imane Ibrahim is a visual artist and academic researcher interested in the outcomes at the intersection of mathematics and visual arts. This interest has given birth to the “Book of Puzzles” series, which add a new attempt to research the features of the artist’s book medium and its textual and pictorial content. Through these interests, she also analyses the paths taken by the curricula used in teaching art and creates artworks that discuss teaching.

Mona Mankhlouf: Mona Mankhlouf is a multidisciplinary designer. Her inspiration comes from the visual and aural cultures of cities. Her research explores the value of sound perception by investigating two of its primary aspects; hearing and emotional response in application to memory, through a series of experiential installations that triggers the senses. Her aim is to use the physicality of sound and music, and ways to use design to encapsulate intangible voice memories in physical form.

Sabah Elhadid: Sabah Elhadid, an Egypt-based graphic designer and teaching assistant, graduated from Germany University in Cairo in 2017. She always found patterns and connections fascinating, which led her to question and hypothesize the essence of a scientific study by converting it into a visually tactile form – a visual that could be perceptibly touched and better understood while keeping art as the bridge between science and society.

Shadwa Ali: Shadwa Ali is an Egyptian audiovisual artist who graduated in 2012 from the Department of Fine Arts at Alexandria University, with a degree in Graphics (Printmaking). . Her artistic practice is based on searching and exploring societal problems and human psychological issues in the surrounding environment, and investigating it visually and through audio.


Project Curators: Ghalia Elsrakbi (Cairotronica), Nada Bakr (Cairotronica), Arjon Dunnewind (IMPAKT) Fellows: Imane Ibrahim, Sabah Elhadid, Ahmed Soleman, Shadwa Ali, Mona Makhlouf, Ahmed Aiuby Mentors: Sabrina Verhage, Coralie Vogelaar, Jeroen van Loon