Abuja ARS Garden 2021

What The Hunter Saw

Makinde Adeniran (NG), Jerry Adesewo (NG)

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Wole Soyinka Meets Tomas Transtromer

The Abuja ARS Garden will also feature a premiere of What the Hunter Saw, a play by Makinde Adeniran, directed by Adesewo Fayaman Bay will be part of our offerings during the festival.
Hunter Sho is the lead character in What the Hunter Saw, a character which depicts the personality of one of the world’s greatest literary giants of all time, Nigeria’s Professor Wole Soyinka. The character attempts to open a window into the true life of a writer, which often never get opened to the public even until, in some cases, their death. Toma, on the other hand, is a shadow of the late Swedish author, Tomas Transtromer and seeks to establish the link between writers of different ages, class, time and space. The four statues represent the people, the readers, the fans and other people with which the writer either works or writes for and their view about his/her works. These characters are integral to this play as they also function in dual capacities as dancers, singers, and inspiration to Hunter Sho, among others.


Arojah Royal Theatre (NG)
Swedish Embassy Nigeria (SWE)