La Fabulosa República de la Montaña

White Sample Live Set

Ignacio Cuevas | White Sample (CL)

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Analog live set playing with the Autonomy/Dependency installation of electromechanical systems with plants. Music in between ambient, electroacoustic and electronica in a biological environment. Like a big system of algorithmic pulses, some parts of the live set are modulating the installation and vice versa. Music for plants in a way Mort Garson would be happy of. Symbiotic sounds for live beings of the mountain and mixed with the sound we gathered from Chin Chin Tirapíe gig mixed all together in a symphony that closes our contribution to the festival this year.

We listen as we play, and as we play we listen.

Ignacio Cuevas Puyol: Electronic musician, sound designer and media artist born in Chile (1979), active for more than fifteen years. His hybrid style goes somewhere through techno, ambient and glitch, but not exclusively that; always open to other substyles and rhythms. Ignacio studied musical programming at Ircam (Paris, France, 2012), he was an artist in residence at Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria, 2013) and has played several times in Europe and Chile. White Sample is now a Red Bull Music Academy grad from RBMA Montréal 2016. He has been a part of festivals like Mutek_CL, Glitchfest, Ircam Live, Ars Electronica Festival, RBMA MTL, Fauna Primavera, Sónar Buenos Aires, Frecuencias, besides small venues worldwide. White Sample is a musical project with a deep interest in building his own electronic tools to create or manipulate sound. Very active into the DIY scene, open to share knowledge through workshops and exhibitions. His sound is based on the use of analogue circuitry and modular synthesizers, under concepts like infinity, energy feedback and eternal transformation.

Fabian Andrade: Chilean and Welsh, creative technologist & film, managing areas of computer graphics such as design, motion & programming on a diverse range of projects. After working in different cities around the world as London, Copenhagen and Santiago. He had the opportunity of working with an eclectic mix of brands such as: Windows, Ford, Adidas, Unilever, Braun, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Honda, Stella Artois, among others, and big agencies like: Wunderman, TMW, VCCP, Ralph&co, Havas Helia, and J. Walter Thompson. But at some point he decided to leave London and come back to build a farm with his father and dedicate to permaculture. Now after COVID he has found a new way to collaborate with people going from his mud house.


Ignacio Cuevas | White Sample, Artist (CL)
Fabián Andrade, Set Design (CL)
Enrique Rivera, Art curator (CL)
Gonzalo Ramirez, Backend Developer (CL)
Production Assistant, Verónica Araya (CL)
Production, Josefina Lagos (CL)