Nova Dewi Setiabudi (ID)

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My Spices, My Power series 02

Content: Indonesian Heritage. Mixology: Healing Remedies Stamina & Immunity Relaxation, Health & Beauty. Description of talk & workshop: History, Flavours & Taste; The History of Jamu, from Humble Beginnings to the Drink of Choice of Royals (will be shared over a unique, intimate 30-minute Jamu workshop).

Nova Dewi Setiabudi: CEO and founder of Suwe Ora Jamu, which has a vision to preserve herbal medicine as a traditional ingredient of cultural heritage. That’s why this shop mixes and processes ‚houseblend‘ herbs, to create a delicious taste without reducing its properties. Setiabudi grew up drinking Jamu, a traditional Indonesian drink with a variety of uses, from treating ailments to boosting energy and maintaining health.