Sacred Garden

XR Obsession

Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Po-Yu Wang (TW), Billy Chiang (TW)

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New Performing Art

XR OBSESSION (Extended Reality) integrates a live element with augmented, virtual, and mixed realities to mesmerize the audience. It is a performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, abstract, and performance art. It vividly traverses the history, art, and natural beauty of Taiwan through time and space. Dynamic volumetric capture fuses with 3D animation. A live performance blends with AR/VR realms and is projected on a large LED wall for all to enjoy a new exciting immersive XR experience. Is it chaos or obsession? Someone searches for her thousands of times, from the mountains and out to sea; seeing mountains that are not mountains and bodies of water that are not water. It is impossible to find one’s way out of this illusionary maze! Exactly who is the object of this obsession? Who or what is the reason for getting lost in this maze? Is there a way back or will he fall into the abyss? Life is like a dream. Life is like an obsession. Is every pursuit ultimately empty?

Chia-Hui Lu (TW): Producer / Art Director / Film Director / Screenwriter / Visual Designer / Composer / Sound Designer / Recording Artist
Chia-Hui Lu is a passionate artist and an active participant in art world. She is a pioneer and award winning cross art creator, a composer, a music director, and a renowned concert pianist. As the Chairwoman of the Egret Foundation, Ms. Lu continues on the organization’s 27 year tradition in promoting music and culture in Taiwan. Ms. Lu is a firm believer in stepping out of one’s comfort zone to cooperate and learn from experts in varying fields across continents to innovate and create art.

Po-Yu Wang (TW): Visual Effect Supervisor / Technical Advisor
Po-Yu Wang founded IF Plus (est. 20212), a co. dedicated to creating innovative digital art designs for multimedia, marketing communication, and branding. IF has earned prestigious international awards including “The Best Show Concept in 2017” at the National Theater & Concert Hall 30th anniversary.

Houei-Kuen Chen (TW) (1895-1945) was a respected painter and professor at NTNU. Chen had a unique eye for the composition of light, color and space. Branded as a national treasure, his honors included the Order of the Brilliant Star (2nd rank), the National Award for Arts and the National Cultural Award.

Billy Chang (TW): Dancer
Billy is a dancer, choreographer, and entrepreneur. His production co, Natural Kind Inspiration Garden, engages with VR tech designers and the Egret Foundation. Billy held a primary performing role in Dralion by Cirque Du Soleil. He also choreographed for New York Fashion Week.


Production Company:Egret Cultural & Educational Foundation
Advisor: Ministry of Culture
Production Collaboration:IP Lab
Producer / Art Director / Film Director / Screenwriter / Visual Designer / Composer / Sound Designer / Recording Artist : Chia-Hui Lu
Recording Company: Dami
Music Sound Engineer: Micky Yang
Sound Editor: Vince Kao
Actor: Billy Chang
Actress: Chia-Hui Lu
Featuring Paintings by Houei-Kuen Chen: Jade Mountain,
Peak of Jade Mountain, Nenggao Waterfall, Wulai Falls,
Landscape of Yehliu I, Waves in Yehliu, Landscape portrait of
Jade Mountain from the vantage point of Zhu Mountain,
Cuifeng Mountain, Fei-Tsui Mountain, Guan-Yin Mountain.
Visual Effect:iF+
Visual Effect Supervisor:Po-Yu Wang
Technical Advisor:Po-Yu Wang
VFX / 3D Animation:Po-Yu Wan, David Wu, Che-Chuan Weng, Yi-Wen Liu, Argo Hsieh, Yi-Hsun Hsiao
Project Manager:Judy Chan, Anis Chen