Molten Airs

You and I, You and Me

Mindaugas Gapsevicius (LT/DE)

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Limited number of participants with registration.

Imagine the future. Humans, computing machines, and various types of hybrids share the space they live in. Senses are altered, some are inextricably linked to computing devices. Electricity is used to control the space and the beings living in it. Humans take responsibility to reshape social ties to avoid being controlled by corporations and machines. The workshop “You and I, You and Me” explores the impact of the environment through electricity. How far could electricity help in understanding the other? Is there a possibility to alter human senses by electric impulses? During the participatory event, the audience is invited to experience the environment, including other humans, by wearing jewelry, shoes, and headwear.


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Mindaugas Gaševičius: Mindaugas Gaševičius questions in his art the machine creativity without presuming that the human being is the sole creative force.
Maria Safronova Wahlström: Maria Safronova Wahlström interests in social myths and works with themes including collective behavior and linguistic practices that signal our social belonging.
Ian Eric Stewart: Ian Eric Stewart, PhD candidate in Neural Circuit and Behavior Laboratory. Together with the EDGE Neuroscience Art Association, he organizes exhibitions and events in art and neuroscience.


In collaboration with Maria Safronova Wahlström and Ian Erik Stewart
Script: Tuçe Erel
Imagery: Luis Bustamante