Changes and Challenges

Zoom on matter. Ethnography of flattened embodiment

Karolina Żyniewicz (PL)

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The pandemic years 2020/2021 could be called the era of flattened bodies. We got used to experiencing each other framed by the rectangular windows of various communication platforms. Where is the body? Is it still important? I am very interested in what happens to bodies in the time of virtual omnipresence and physical absence. The bodies located “on the other side of the screen” are what I want to get to know. Zoom provides an option of using a filter or an artificial background. These tricks allow us to create an illusion of bodies, showing us as we wish to be, not as we really are. It transforms the notion of “truth.” How to show the truth about our bodies without showing their real versions? What does it mean to be corporally real in remote relations? These are questions that seem to be a great topic for experimental artistic research. We have to do the embodiment investigation together. Everybody interested in participation in the experiment is asked to re-present itself in a form which is sharable on the zoom platform. Every participating body will have up to 3min to re-present itself in the frame of zoom streaming. Then, all bodies will discuss their experiences. If your body is interested in participating, please help it to re-present itself. Try to answer questions like: Can I communicate bodily using meeting platforms like Zoom? What does my body miss in remote communication? Do I want to incorporate my embodiment in remote communication?

Karolina Żyniewicz (PL): Karolina Żyniewicz works internationally as an artist (M.A. from the Department of Visual Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, 2009) and researcher (Ph.D. student of the Nature-Culture Transdisciplinary Ph.D. Program at the Artes Liberales Faculty, University of Warsaw). Her artistic projects are categorized as bio art but she is also interested in speculative conceptual art. She sees her liminal activity as situated knowledge production. Żyniewicz is mostly focused on life in a broad understanding of the term (its biological and cultural meanings). She is a member of The Eco and Bioart Lab and Biofriction/Staying in Touch collective.