Augmented Reality Welding Assistant

Felix Nikolas Bauernfeind, Julian Josef Kienast (AT)

u19 Winner: Young Professionals Honorary Mention

This project is aimed at developing an augmented-reality welding assistant for the Palfinger company that makes use of Microsoft HoloLens. The worker sees the part to be secured next as a three-dimensional hologram placed in the precise position. In addition, all the required information, such as the settings for the welding device, is visible as hologram images. The HoloLens scans the basic model using a self-designed reference point. To control the application, the worker can use a hand gesture or merely verbal commands. In this way, the welding process is carried out step by step without the worker having to be familiar with plans or to read drawings.


Augmented Reality Welding Assistant / Felix Nikolas Bauernfeind and Julian Josef Kienast