Wesley Lee Yang (BR)


Barcodes, QR codes, perforated papers, dot patterns, images: information is stored in various visual forms.

Those who know the code can also understand the information behind it. In contrast, abstract paintings, television screens with noise, random graffiti also carry information, but from which it is not easy and generally valid to extract information. These codes seem too complex and too personal.

For this year’s exhibitions graphic design, we not only wanted to develop attractive aesthetics but also to provide an appealing visual code that can be decoded in order to transmit information. It is with this in mind that the IC-Decoder was created: a ludic exploration of decoding potential information from visual patterns.



Wesley Lee Yang (BR) is trained in design, self-taught in electronics and passionate about diverse manufacturing methods. His artistic works bridge the gap between technical aspects of objects and the audience, seeking to open “black boxes” and show the essence of a work, rather than the shell.