The Eye of the Other

MAEID – Daniela Mitterberger (AT), Tiziano Derme (IT/AT)


Interspecies communication between humans and bats

The Eye of the Other delves into non-verbal communication between humans and bats, through the study, translation and manipulation of the bat’s echolocation. This multimodal immersive artwork derives from the desire to transcend the limitations of our living experience by exploring the deeper meaning of mutualistic relationships and interspecies communication between humans and animals, juxtaposing the animals’ gaze and the human gaze. It reflects on how digital live/streaming technologies and machine intelligence can be used to alter human senses and enhance new formats of communication and authorship, empathy and co-existence. The artwork lets the human and the non-human, the local and the remote collide and produces new cultural spaces, formed by the meta-domain of a new language. This topological turn foreshadows a possible future in which the clear borders of humans and others are blurred and a multi-species society might be formed. The gaze should not be understood as something one has or applies, but rather as a depiction of the relationship into which one enters.

Project Credits:

  • Scientific staff: Dr. Ralph Simon — Animal Ecology — Ecological Sciences VU University Amsterdam, Andrea Reni — software developer.
  • Interface development: Ralph Simon, Andrea Reni, Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme
  • This project was realized within the framework of the European Media Art Platform EMARE program at Bandits Mages with support of the Creative Europe Culture Program of the European Union.


Daniela Mitterberger (AT) and Tiziano Derme (IT/AT) are both media artists and architects currently selected for the EMAP Creative Europe program 2019. They are both directors and co-founders of “MAEID – Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst,” an interdisciplinary practice based in Vienna, with a specific focus on the relationship between humans, space and performativity. The work of MAEID should be understood as a seamless interaction between computation, the material and the virtual, living systems and machines. Their work has been recognized with several international awards and has been widely exhibited at various galleries, institutions, and events including Ars Electronica Linz, Melbourne Triennial and HDA Graz. Currently Daniela is a PhD fellow and researcher at ETH Zurich, investigating the relationship between human intuition and robotics while Tiziano is an assistant professor and researcher at the University of Innsbruck focusing on multi-media-composites and material performativity.