50 shades of forest

Afra Sonmez (TR)


A textile as an electronic instrument: the artist specifically for this performance created a flexible and modular interface of electronic textile consisting mainly of snap fasteners to make all parts freely movable.

CoinB, the artist’s alter-ego, is a version of the artist dressed in pinky and cutty which aesthetically is the opposite of her performance. The dramaturgy of the show is divided into three sections, beginning with soft experimental sounds representing the green and light side of the forest. The second part is the transition from the light side to the dark side, followed by the last part where the music escalates to speed core bpms.



Afra Sönmez (TR) is an electronic textile designer/ researcher who integrate technology with craft, fashion, and traditional methods. Her works contain different types of e-textile examples such as kinetic /e-textile costumes, wearable games, and instruments/ controllers.