Experiencing a future design process

Fachhochschule Vorarlberg/Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (AT) InterMedia MA – Masters’s Degree Program Design


Experiencing a future design process addresses the possible effects of artificial intelligence on the communication design profession. Which tasks can be solved with the help of algorithms? For which requirements will human services be indispensable in the future? With the help of an interactive game, design processes can be played through and the possible role of technological support can be experienced.


What are you going to do tomorrow?

What are you going to do tomorrow: Current economic transformation will affect the self-esteem of millions of people psychologically. Still we define our efficiency as a virtue more accurate than “efficiency” in the sense of ambitious work ethics. But we are approaching times where there may not be any jobs in the classical conception anymore. Therefore this project focuses on the question of what types of transformation on a societal as well as an individual basis in needed to cope with these changes.


Nadja Reifer, Clemens-Josef Prankl, Julia Oberhauser, Jasmin Fischbacher, Marie-Theres Kristokat, Fabian Verschnig, Nicolas Alexander Tschaikner



The communication designer Mag. Markus Hanzer is a professor and head of the Department of Design at FH Vorarlberg. 

Dr. Margarita Köhl, MAS – professor at the Department of InterMedia – is a communication scholar, curator and cultural manager specializing in the field of future and technology studies as well as intercultural design.  

Nadja Reifer is a master’s student at the Department of InterMedia at FH Vorarlberg