Humanity (Fall of the Damned)

Scott Eaton (US/UK)


One thousand hand-drawn figures, “painted” with Eaton’s Bodies neural network. The composition of tumbling, intertwined figures embodies the visceral human experience and humanity’s ongoing struggle with its own nature and its consequences. The work has clear references to Ruben’s “Fall of the Damned”, Dante’s “Inferno”, and Rodin’s “Gates of Hell”, but substitutes the pervasive fear of religious damnation with the contemporary preoccupations with the impending climate tipping point and the rise of AI.

Humanity (Fall of the Damned) / Scott Eaton (US/UK), Credit:

Eaton’s Bodies neural network is trained on over 100,000 nudes he carefully photographed in the studio from a diverse set of volunteers over a two-year period. With this bespoke dataset as the foundation, the network has been carefully trained to render Eaton’s hand-drawn inputs into photographic, surreal representations.



Scott Eaton (US/UK) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the representation and abstraction of the human figure in various mediums – drawing, photography, sculpture, and generative AI. In addition to his own work, Scott frequently collaborates with other artists and studios. Recent collaborations include work with legendary artist Jeff Koons, Turner prize-winner Mark Wallinger, Elton John, Nike, Pixar, Disney, and others.