Keyboard + Mouse

Jack Ratcliffe (UK)


If the medium is the message, then in an age of cyber-bullying, trolls & great political divides, is it time to consider the impact of the interfaces of our online communication? This piece, an interactive keyboard and mouse made using 100% natural wool, invites the audience to experience whether the softening of our hardware could soften our harsh communication edges. Could replacing plastic, metal and glass (the ubiquitous materials of online interaction) with natural, gentle, tactile, transient alternatives, allow for more humanity in our digitality?



Jack Ratcliffe (UK)
 is a London-based artist who specializes in mixed-reality installations that playfully explore humanity’s relationship with technology. His most notable works include Teletortoise, in which anonymous internet users are able to remotely feed, water, and illuminate turtles, and Emojikken, where visitors are invited to conduct conversations using only a 1600+ emoji keyboard.