Machina Incantatii

Anna Nolda Nagele (AT)


The work Machina Incantatii is a wall hanging made of conductive yarns and fabrics that combines physical and representational materials into an interface for a magical ritual. By touching the conductive patches on the cloth, powers assigned to the elements of this world and energies of the universe are called upon to generate new knowledge and meaning. The “old” periodic alignments of the stars are a poetic parallelism to the “new” periodic alignments of the Markov chains used for casting a spell and generating an incantation.



Anna Nolda Nagele (AT) is an experience designer with an interest in ethics of representation and storytelling in human-machine interactions. Through her work she explores the impact of technologies on human identities. She develops technologies that stimulate alternative narratives and call for the creation of fairer futures. Anna also holds an MA in Innovation Management from Central Saint Martins and has created work for the BBC and the startup Wisp, among others.