Manic VR

Kalina Bertin (CA), Sandra Rodriguez (CA), Nicolas S. Roy (CA), Fred Casia (CA)

OÖ Kulturquartier
Computer Animation




ManicVR is an impressive narrative about the complex world of people with bipolar disorder. The two siblings Felicia and François Bertin are themselves affected by the mental illness. They have been using the voicemail of their sister, filmmaker Kalina Bertin, as a personal diary for three years now.

Guided by their voices, the users of the virtual reality documentary embark on an intense journey. An expedition marked by beautiful but also frightening phases, hallucinations, psychoses, mania and depression.


Project Credits:

  • Producer: Sandra Rodriguez, EyeSteelFilm CreativeReality, Nicolas S. Roy,
  • Creative coders: Josquin Zabka, Alexandre Bordereau, Paul Georges
  • 3D artist: Hugo Forget
  • Original music and sound design: David Drury