Muted Situation #22: Muted Tchaikovsky’s 5th

Samson Young (HK)

OÖ Kulturquartier
Digital Musics & Sound Art




This is how Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony can sound too: keys click, sheets of music rustle, and bows sweep tonelessly over strings. By “muting” the foregrounded sound event, a surprising amount of previously unnoticed sounds can be heard in this performance.

In Muted Situation #22 – presented as a 12-channel audio installation – Samson Young’s idea is to suppress the dominant voices, uncover the unheard, and point out basic principles about hearing and sounding.


Project Credits:

  • Performed by the Flora Sinfonie Orchester, conducted by Thomas Jung.
  • Commissioned by the 21st Biennale of Sydney, the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, and the Hong Kong Art Promotion Office