OrganRecital with Hermann Nitsch

Hermann Nitsch (AT)

Sat Sep 7, 2019, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).
St. Florian Monastery

for me, the organ is the suitable instrument to realize the music of the orgy-mysteries-theater. my music makes use of long drawn-out tones, uses sound blocks, cluster arrangements, roaring tutti-structures, tonal and dissonant up to noise superposition. everything that strings, woodwinds, brass and synthesizers do in an orchestra, i can do through the organ. at the same time i can produce shrill sounds and meditative tonal arrangements. i can revel in keys as well as wedge myself in dissonances. the force of the birth of galaxies reminds me of the sounds of spheres that permeate the universe. the singing noises (or the music) that cause the orbits of the heavenly bodies reach us. the sonorous and rushing sound of the spherical harmony of the universe becomes audible. the firmament of Johannes Kepler, interspersed with radiant music, is perceived.


Short curatorial statement:
It is perhaps one of the most human traits that we have to refine what we develop and make proper use of its new possibilities. This is as true of machine learning as it is of the tremendous organs built centuries ago. Hermann Nitsch’s modern way of playing the organ bears witness to this process, which accompanies every technology.


Project Credits:

  • supported by NITSCH FOUNDATION 


Hermann Nitsch, Austria (* Wien 1938): Painter and performance artist, is a substantial founder of Viennese Actionism. Since the 1960s he has worked on painting actions and his Orgies Mysteries Theater – large scale passion-like performances, which last up to 6 days, in which he also realizes his conception of music. Music is a major element of his comprehensive concept of art and is inextricably linked with his “Gesamtkunstwerk.”