Hannes Möseneder (AT), Agnes Hofstätter (AT), Steffanie Painsith (AT), María José Molina (CO)


A smart symbiosis of polymers and electronics

The last decades have seen an increased momentum and buzz around the idea of a connected world. The evolution of technologies such as the Internet of Things, in which objects are embedded with electronic systems in a sophisticated network that enables the collection and exchange of data, is disrupting the way we live.
Greiner, as a leading global manufacturer of plastic products for a wide range of industries, explores the application of those new technologies. This exhibition presents a sample of 5 different mockups: products manufactured by Greiner which, in combination with electronic components, have the potential to sense and act according to inputs gathered from their environment. These new features allow communication between products, systems and devices, providing an enhanced user experience that goes beyond the materiality of the product itself.


Polytronics/Hannes Möseneder (AT), Agnes Hofstätter (AT), Steffanie Painsith (AT), María José Molina (CO), Credit: Greiner Technology & Innovation (GTI)


Project Credits:

  • Greiner Technology & Innovation (GTI)


Greiner Technology & Innovation (GTI): As a subsidiary of Greiner, the GTI was founded in 2010 with the aim of establishing a structured corporate foresight process that allows Greiner to understand and assess the opportunities of the future. Accordingly, the GTI is permanently in search of new ideas, discovering the latest inventions and technologies, tracing trends and gathering new insights. With its new established company builder, the GTI has completed the Greiner Opportunity Funnel, which defined the organizational framework for a holistic innovation strategy, describing all contents of the individual phases from the fuzzy front end to the (possible) integration into the group.