Rake – minimize your information

Tessa Aichelburg, Luis Hofmeister, Lukas Kaufmann, Paul Schreiber (AT)

u19 Winner: Young Professionals Award of Distinction

With the installation Rake – minimize your information, Tessa Aichelburg, Luis Hofmeister, Lukas Kaufmann and Paul Schreiber
 (AT) want to encourage people to reflect on their daily media consumption.

We use our electronic devices every day to access media of every kind from social platforms and the web. In our society we have become accustomed to seizing the first information we can find and then passing it along without any additional investigation or research. The ability to access information faster and in greater amounts than ever before is slowly but surely leading to disaster.

Every piece of information released by a media agency is analyzed by an algorithm and sorted according to its relevance for the average reader. The most superfluous messages are weeded out, printed out, and then shredded. The pile of paper snippets grows ever larger, as do the savings in otherwise wasted reading time. The installation acts like a rake—sorting out needless information and collecting it in a pile.


Rake / Tessa Aichelburg, Luis Hofmeister, Lukas Kaufmann, Paul Schreiber (AT)