Neues Linzer Stadttheater (AT)

Young asylum seekers in Upper Austria face an increasingly tough climate. As diverse as they are, they all have questions regarding work, education, language acquisition, love and self-presentation, and social media in common. STAHLSTADT.ONLINE is an alternate-reality game where young people themselves have created an alternate reality – Linz becomes Stahlstadt.

From February to July 2019, there are monthly work meetings and workshops, where the adolescents are writing the history of Stahlstadt together. At the beginning of September the core group of 25 members, together with 2 actors and all regional and transregional cooperation partners, will narrate the history of Stahlstadt.

Until now we only know that magic portals will emerge at the Ars Electronica 2019 that will “swallow up” young people in stress situations. But everything else stays “top secret.” Our Youtubers and Instragrammers already report from the Stahlstadt as @LINZLIEBE. Let’s solve the mystery together!