Takayuki Hirai (JP), Yasuaki Kakehi (JP)


This installation, named (un)shaped, utilizes bubbles in water as a medium. Pouring droplets into water gently from the top, bubbles are generated in it. This phenomenon is called an antibubble, which is a droplet encapsulated by a thin film of gas.

Unlike normal air bubbles, antibubbles float slowly inside the liquid and often show iridescent surface reflections. In this installation, the amount of droplets from nozzles are computationally controlled. By pouring droplets, the antibubbles start to form various patterns underneath the water’s surface. After inflating to a certain size, they leave the surface and float in the water, then disappear after a while. Through these periodic phenomena, continuous morphing from computationally controlled forms to organic ones, mediated by the environment, is shown.


Project Credits:

  • Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory at The University of Tokyo
  • This project is supported by the JST ERATO Project


Takayuki Hirai (JP) is a designer based in Japan. He learned interaction design and technologies as a graduate student at Keio University, and is especially interested in material-driven interactions. His previous work was shown at CHI2018, in Montreal.

Yasuaki Kakehi (JP) is a media artist, HCI researcher and an Associate Professor at The University of Tokyo. He has created interactive works that augment our experiences in the physical environment through a combination of digital technologies and physical materials.