Crafting Futures Lab “Oscillating Bodies” – Workshop
Lilo Viehweg (DE)

In Bergen, Laboren, technologischen Geräten, Korallen, Knochen, Haaren und Zähnen wirken piezoelektrische Kristalle. Sie wandeln mechanische in elektrische Energie um und vis versa. Diese Oszillation zwischen verschiedenen Energiezuständen ist eine Form des lebendigen, materiellen Informationsaustauschs, der beispielsweise Knochenwachstum anregt, Uhren in einem bestimmten Takt schwingen lässt oder durch Sonar und Ultraschallgeräte Bilder erzeugt.

Crafting Futures Lab "Photoelectric Blueberries" – Workshop
Monja Hirscher (AT/DE)

Anfang der 90er Jahre entwickelte Michael Grätzel eine Solarzelle, die auf Basis von Pflanzenfarbstoffen funktioniert. Sie hat eine ähnliche Funktionsweise wie die Photosynthese und ist einfach und mit leicht verfügbaren Materialien selbst zu bauen.

Crafting Futures Lab “Weaving as Material Calculus” – Workshop
Laura Devendorf (US), Irene Posch (AT)

Weben ist Programmieren. Diese Verbindung wird oft im Zusammenhang mit Ada Lovelace genannt. Dieser Workshop spielt mit diesen Themen und Ideen sowohl auf dem Papier als auch mit dem Online-Tool

Water in (post)Anthropocene
Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Gjino Šutić (HR)

The workshop brings the invisible world of contemporary microscale and nanoscale/molecular water pollutants - the smallest but potent residues of human activity; unsustainable consumerism, urbanization, and exploitation of the world waters and life within.

Tools for Warming Planet
Garden Barcelona: Sara Dean (US), Beth Ferguson (US), Marina Monsonís (ES)

We live on a planet in flux--warming waters and land, chaotic weather, and unknown futures. Our adaptability is crucial to our survival. In response to this condition, this workshop will explore new tools for sensing, mapping, engaging, eating and responding to our changing environment. Participants will learn about the Tools for a Warming Planet crowd-sourced collection on exhibition and will collaborate on new prototype ideas moving forward. This workshop is part of the exhibition Collaborative Ecosystems for a Sustainable World, presented by the Institut Ramon Llull in collaboration with the .NewArt { foundation;} and Hac Te.

Roots & Seeds XXI, Community Allelopathy
Roots&Seeds & Epicuro Lab Collective: Gabino Carballo (ES), Tatiana Kourochkina (ES), Claudia Schnugg (AT)

During our workshop we will be discussing the potential of future forms of allelopathy with participants. Local plants/seeds from a certified nursery will be given to each of them, as well as brining their own plants from home (or their photos, drawings, etc.) will be encouraged. With all this material, projections will be made (more or less viable or fantastic) about the influence of human culture in the creation of future plant communities.

Feminist Futures - Imagining Another Internet
Branch Magazine x Katrin Fritsch (AT)

Feminist Futures is an ongoing participatory art project that advocates for just and diverse futures of the Internet. In workshops, participants discuss the current issues of the Internet, and then re-imagine them through stories, comics, or poems. What results is an open-source archive of stories that provide strategies for change.

Bi0film – Open Conversation - Jung Hsu (TW), Natalia Rivera (CO)

Come by to our conversation frames in the fab lab and share with us your ideas and thoughts about resisting, creating and communicating like other living organisms.

Dive into plastic
Kat Austen (UK/DE) & Fara Peluso (IT)

In this workshop, artists Kat Austen and Fara Peluso will introduce participants to bioplastic as a new material. We will discuss the ways that bioplastic is different, and the ways it is similar, to plastic. Drawing inspiration from our everyday lives, we will look at the lifecycle of the materials we have around us and the impact they have on the environment, both in terms of what happens to them when we no longer need them, and how they are made.

Resist like Bacteria Encounter - Jung Hsu (TW), Natalia Rivera (CO)

Our project opens a non-disciplinary conversation between activists, biologists, hacker communities, artists and everyone interested in co-creating other possible future communication systems. Besides the umbrella-antenna as a tool, the question and the processes around autonomous communication networks are still open for us.