State of the ART(ist)

Credit: Donate / Ivan Svitlychnyi (UA)

State of the ART(ist) 2022

The jury reflected on what it means to be an artist at risk and considered this situation as one of the main criteria for the selection of works. There are clearly very different situations and contexts. The State of the ART(ist) call was motivated by the desire to stand in solidarity with Ukrainian artists, but it was extended to all silenced and threatened artists worldwide.

Currently, being at risk in Ukraine means life-threatening danger due to the war, but it is not a situation of persecution, violation of artistic freedom, or political repression, as is the case in other countries for dissident artists / artists at risk. This is why we adopted different criteria for different situations and countries. A second important criterion concerns the work of the artists; we prioritized works that strengthen democratic values, human rights including environmental rights, and are close to activist methods. Collaborative approaches similar to tactical media and strategies of resistance were also favored. As few such works were submitted, we have included works that are more traditional, such as video essays and installations, but include a critical discourse.

The jury recognized the urgent need to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its artists in the time of brutal Russian invasion. Also, the majority of the submissions were from artists from Ukraine. The jury wished to have had more submissions from persecuted and silenced artists from around the globe, who are often more difficult to reach. Among the selected artists, there are a few collectives and artists from Burma, Hong Kong and Syria, who fit the criteria described above and demonstrate a variety of resistance strategies. These just give a tiny glimpse of ongoing persecution and violations of artistic freedom, as well as forced displacement of artists worldwide.

We want to express the deepest respect for all artists who risk their lives to stand up for artistic freedom, basic human rights, totalitarian governments, and continue to create art in the middle of the war, and other unimaginable hardships. The jury recognized the urgent need to support Ukraine and its artists.

The State of the ART(ist) Jury 2022:
Boris Magrini (CH), Björn Geldhof (UA), Marita Muukkonen (FI) – State of the ART(ist) Jury 2022

Online Exhibition 2022

Winners 2022

  • Clanking, Hammering, Dispute and Gurgling

    Clanking, Hammering, Dispute and Gurgling

    A tailings dam is a system of special facilities for storing radioactive, toxic and other non-recyclable waste from mineral processing. The work touches upon the issue of man’s responsibility for natural resources and chimeric forms that the imprint of human activity on Earth may acquire.

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  • D-Normal/V-Essay, online video zine, issues 1–4 (2020–2022)

    D-Normal/V-Essay, online video zine, issues 1–4 (2020–2022)

    Four issues of an online video zine, 90 works from 200 submissions worldwide, gathered portraits of survival, existential crises and yearnings for what is lost, as alternatives to grand issue analysis. HK-based collective Floating Projects enacts participatory art by marking out the space for free articulation across borders digitally afforded.

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  • Donate


    The project Donate consists of the site and an installation. The basic ideas here are examining artistic practices as forms of ecological action, creating conditions for viewers to collaborate to form the art object and for participants in the project to analyze their daily habits.

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  • Hip-hop Music to Honor the Syrian Memory

    Hip-hop Music to Honor the Syrian Memory

    Hip-hop music to honor the Syrian memory, in particular the memory of the detained and disappeared.

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  • I Will Close the Sky So You Could Breathe

    I Will Close the Sky So You Could Breathe

    Performance by a Ukrainian artist dedicated to the war. The artist is under a net on the ground. She finds the strength to get up from her knees. Her solo act is an expression of the will and unbroken spirit of Ukrainians.

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  • Peacock Generation

    Peacock Generation

    Thangyat is one of the oldest examples of protest song culture in Myanmar. The performances were banned for decades because they often have an anti-authoritarian slant.

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  • Shukhliada Exposition Environment

    Shukhliada Exposition Environment

    Shukhliada Exposition Environment is an artist-run space on the internet, and its main mission is to be a platform for independent projects of curators and artists.

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  • Similar Image

    Similar Image

    Similar Image is an essay film shot in 2019 and presented in 2021. This work seeks to describe a situation in which a person realizes that technology has never opposed nature, but rather was its continuation. This is how a person discovers technology as an element. The sense of impending danger in the film now feels like a hidden hunch.

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  • The Big Wild Field Draft

    The Big Wild Field Draft

    The drone footage was filmed along the route through the steppe to the north of the Azov Sea according to the text from the 17th century book. The book is a textual description of the map which was used for warfare and trade from the 16th century.

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  • VR Collider

    VR Collider

    VR Collider on Mozilla Hubs is an architectural structure consisting of four platforms, which hang as a space station in the orbit of planet Earth, capturing and decoding the vibrations of our time. Prypiat Room with its GENESIS project works as a real-time birth-rate monitoring system in Ukraine.

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  • Yellow Line

    Yellow Line

    This project presents a unique cultural heritage that has not yet received proper recognition. Today, most of the material objects presented in this project have been destroyed by the Russian army. And the Yellow Line project has become a space where monuments are remembered and preserved.

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State of the ART(ist) Talks 2022

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At this talk, the State of the ART(ist) project is being introduced. The panel includes Martin Honzik of Ars Electronica, the two jurors Boris Magrini (Haus der Elektronischen Kunst Basel) and Marita Muukkonen (Artists at Risk) as well as representatives of the Austrian Foreign Ministry: Teresa Indjein, Head of the Section for International Cultural Affairs, and Simon Mraz, Project conception of State of the ART(ist) 2022.

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Here, the award winners have their say. Christl Baur from Ars Electronica and Marita Muukkonen from Artists at Risk talk to the winners of State of the ART(ist) 2022 on site and in live broadcasts. Among them are Han Htoo Khant Paing and Karl Ingar Roys of the Peacock Generation project, Linda CH Lai and Michael Leung of the Floating Projects Collective, but also Danson Sylvester Kahyana, president of PEN Uganda, and Sara Nabil, artist and activist from Afghanistan, and Fadwa Mahmoud from Syria, one of the founders of the Families for Freedom movement.

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Christl Baur of Ars Electronica and Björn Geldhof, director of PinchukArtCentre Kyiv, zoom into the Ukrainian art scene at its current state, also looking back into the years before. The talks include speakers like Liera Polianskova and Ivan Svitlychniy from SVITER Art Group, artists Dana Brezhnieva and Yuliia Makarenko, Oksana Chepelyk, Oleksandr Burlaka and Daria Pugachova.

Participants 2022

€e.$i¥.Ah’s VisionRajmil FischmanPE
7 reasons not to start a warVladyslava Andrienko , Vladyslav SolodovnykovUA, UA
ActwithHKanonymous anonymousHK
After Death; Lightbody (2021)REDGRITS –IN
All That Is Seen And UnseenAmelia MarzecUS
Allegories of PeaceSvetlana PetrovaRU
And who? allowed you to live beautifullySergiy PetlyukUA
AR Sculpture ParkVira DG (Degtiarova)UA
Art “Another life”Tetiana NikitenkoUA
Augmented Monument #1 BERLIN CONFERENCEmikala hyldig dalDK
“AYES” 314, “NOES” 38Mykhailo Barabash, Ostap Manulyak, Art Group NURTUA, UA, UA
balance / cageMark Voprosov, Anna RotaenkoRU, UA
Blooming Garden with TulipsYulia DotsenkoUA
Board game for courtyard communities “nadvor’e”Miensk Urban PlatformBY
Brain_FractalSarshar DorostiIR
Bucha… Mariupol…. Ukraine…Nicole VishnevetskaUA
Carte Blanche – guerrilla street art festivalCarte Blanche teamM
Childrenwenqian gaoCN
Clanking, hammering, dispute and gurglingAndriy Rachinskiy and Daniil RevkovskiyUA
CocoonSpartak Khachanov (Spartak Khachanov)UA
Columna TraianiMikhail MaksimovRU
Come wander with meAnna ManankinaUA
comprehension. JYH bandJulia Brosko, JYH band / instacafe.shopUA, UA
ContiguityPintian LiuCN
Contra Spem Spero!Sveta BilykUA
CONTRACEPTION OR DEATHl”urine rouge / червона сечаUA
COORDINATED°Arina Kapitanova, Animaspace (Angelina Kozhevnikova)RU, RU
Corruption: byte by byteAndrey ChugunovRU
Cosmic Magic 555Chinwe ChigbuNG
Crosses. VyshyvankaTanya ShtykaloUA
Crowd Sign: Emission (game experience)Mikhail MaksimovRU
Cubes 2.0 . Schrödinger’s Ukraine or a new constructOleksandr SirousUA
Cycle of graphic “Body language”Anastasiia KovtunUA
Danbas Theta GenderNikita Shokhov, Danila UdovenkoRU, UA
DayliTagsPavlo Hunko (Pavlo Sirko)UA
digital signature of dandelion projectScottie Chih-Chieh HuangTW
Dmitry Borshch: State of the ART(ist)Dmitry BorshchUA
D-Normal/V-Essay, online video zine, issues 1-4 (2020-2022)Floating Projects Collective, Linda CH Lai (Linda CH Lai)HK, HK
DonateIvan SvitlychnyiUA
EchosShulan WangCN
EcstasyStanislav KholodnykhUA
Emergency landscapeVitaly YankovyUA
Emotional food chainwenqian gaoCN
ENEYIDAChristian EloyFR
ENLIGHTENMENTEvgeniy Chernyshov (SYN), SYN Art GroupUA, UA
EVENKhalil CharifBR
Everything Starts from MilkOlga KisselevaFR
Fair Lady’s Expectations/Mature Woman’s Umbilical CordRhett TsaiCN
FlatalityMikhail MaksimovRU
Flicked MusicStanislav KholodnykhUA
Fluid IdentitiesMelody LingCN
force_feedIhor SokolovUA
Forgot PastWorldSiavash NaghshbandiIR
freedom(,) euphoria & identityFelix JallitschAT
Futile Instrument: War and TearsYiyao TangCN
Ghosts of the information warfareLight BearDE
Growing Donetsk Rock – 7914km away –ippymomiJP
Hashd0x [Proof of War]Egor KraftRU
Hello WorldTransCultural ExchangeM
HighwayNatalia Alfutova, Natalia AlfutovaIL, IL
Hip-hop music to honor the Syrian memory: Resisting dictatorship, sectarianism and war through music in SyriaAmir AlmuarriSY
HOMEAlexander PriymakUA
HOPE FOUND in NOPE – Mein Kampf “The Alternative”RICObutRITA _JP
Hot screenVitalii ShupliakUA
I can”t get out of hereSergiy PetlyukUA
I PROMISE NOT TO LOOK AWAYAndre Mistier, Allison HarrellUS, US
I Will Close The Sky So You Could BreatheDaria PugachovaUA
ICONS OF WARSergii PavelkoUA
If it does not blast in Belfast, it blasts in BaghdadMohamed AbdullahIQ
Image CemeteryKatsuki NogamiJP
Immigration DocumentationLinh DaoVN
In what world we will live in when war will end?Oleksandra KhalepaUA
Infinite GameZe GAO, Shuyi XuCN, CN
InvisibleEleni GiokariGR
Invisible TraumaLesia PcholkaBY
Ist heute ein schöner TagChao LiCN
“It hurts for my Ukraine.”Nicole VishnevetskaUA
It”s Love O”ClockMax HaarichDE
Lady Liberty Hong KongLLHKHK
“Lass, with care”, algorithmic editing, documentationSVITER art groupUA
Let me be your eyesNadiia Dzyak , Lesia Kvitka , Kostiantyn BorysenkoUA, UA, UA
LETTER TO MOMNadya Sayapina, Eugene BuldykBY, BY
Limit of ComprehensionSergiy PetlyukUA
Live Kills WestStanislav KholodnykhUA
Lost ParadiseGorsad KyivUA
Love in the Time of ApartheidSharaf DarZaidPS
LSI-02 / Light and sound interactive installationOleksandr (Sasha) Dolhyi (Dolgiy)UA
Men like EarthJo Ngo, Jo NgoVN, VN
MEN OF MY DREAMSGelare KhoshgozaranIR
Minsk AntizooAnna PrishivalkoBY
Minute Moonshine – Alternate Reality Game by Hidden KeileonHidden KeileonHK
miscellanyBenna Gaean MarisLB
MotankaSabina Rusanova, Kseniia Kilpikova – Theatre director, Diana VovkUA, UA, UA
My mom turns into a neural networkAnna RotaenkoUA
Nanoart. New Symbolism of ScienceYana Suchikova , Serhii KovachovUA, UA
New Game is OverMikhail MaksimovRU
Not Foundjian YangCN
Objecats. 24.02.22Tanya ShtykaloUA
Ode à Mamãe OxumRoger Marza (Roger Marzochi)BR
“Out of Body Experience”, online performance, video documentationPhotinus StudioUA
painting on glassSergey DobrynovUA
Passaport: totem of hope and fearVitaly YankovyUA
PaulStanislav KholodnykhUA
PeepingYuHsuan ChiuTW
PHOTOSYNTHESISEvgeniy Chernyshov (SYN), SYN Art GroupUA, UA
Political artAidar BekchintaevRU
privacy-GrDN.infoS4RA .PT
Prologue_version_01 (avi)~(avi)~(avi)Milad.jpg (Milad Forouzandeh)IR
PulsarHugo PaquetePT
Rain in Trebah GardenYulia DotsenkoUA
ReconnaissanceSiavash NaghshbandiIR
RED FLAGAleksei MartyniukRU
RejuveNations: Youths Bringing TruthsJoseph Baron-PravdaUS
Release for peacealireza rezapourIR
Roller CoasterStanislav KholodnykhUA
Rupture-flowersNastya TeorUA
SabotageJean-Michel RollandFR
Saint SebastianMykhaylo BarabashUA
Salty Oscillationsruїns collectiveUA
“Say it quieter if you can”Nina BulgakovaUA
Sense Or?Jordan White, Valeriia Shakova, Belcim YavuzAU, RU, TR
SERENITYKoloah (Dmytro Avksentiev)UA
Set My Heart On Fire; Not My Home.Natalia MarinRO
Shukhliada exposition environmentSVITER art group and Ivan SvitlychnyiUA
Signals from the rooftop!Milad.jpg (Milad Forouzandeh)IR
similar imagefantastic little splashUA
Slavutich ArcVlad KononokUA
slavutich_surfaceIhor SokolovUA
Soc.i.a- Screaming Of ConcreteSoc.i.a CollectiveUA
Socia – HelicarpetSoc.i.a CollectiveUA
SOULAlexander PriymakUA
SphereGood StudioIR
Spiritual CreaksMaria VilkoviskyKZ
Spring OdysseyElise MorinFR
Stand with UkraineEve MethotCA
Step towards kindnessJosephine FlorensUA
Synthesizer for SeverinStanislav KholodnykhUA
Tactical ForgettingeeefffBY
Talk To Me – online art festival for UkraineVera Iona Papadopoulou, Andrii Sichkovskyi, Talk To Me Festival Team (Vera Iona Papadopoulou & Andrii Sichkovskyi)GR, UA, M
Tasnif-e-Pari RooyAmir AbdolazimiIR
TER.RAINUjif_notfound Ujif_notfoundUA
The BasesLesia PcholkaBY
The Big Wild Field DraftOleksandr BurlakaUA
The Budapest GambitDiana Derii, Eugene ArlovUA, UA
The butterfly. Road of pain and hope.Hélène LitorelleUA
The earth escapes!Takayuki HibinoJP
The earth wants peace! !!Takayuki HibinoJP
The Fight for FreedomDaria LutsyshynaUA
The FlatNetMikhail MaksimovRU
The F-WordOlia Sosnovskaya and a.z.h.BY
The Generation of the PeacocksKarl Ingar Røys & Peacock GenerationMM
The GrinGrif GontRU
The Machine and the GardenLarion LozovoyUA
The Price of freedomOleksandra VerkhovskaUA
The Ravine of ManyChristina WernerAT
The RhapsodeYiannis KranidiotisGR
The RhythmMaria Fox Larsson, Ernest SaironRU, RU
The Rhythm of EverythingBiorhythm MeUA
The snow will meltäsc3ea *, Daria MaiierUA, UA
The the dead, to the living, to the unbornSvitlana ZhytniaUA
The war in Ukraine: Pain & PurposeMilad FiroozfarIR
The workshop where children from different countries teach adultsYuqi ZhouCN
Theater 14-22…Abinash MallickIN
Thirty-six Views of Mount HoverlaDmytro KupriyanUA
Time and ImaginationCollen KajokotoZW
TIME FILES / Anthracite C6Evgeniy Chernyshov (SYN), SYN Art GroupUA, UA
Tolerated ViolenceSergiy PetlyukUA
TranquilStepan RyabchenkoUA
Transparencies in Time:Jose Trejo MayaMX
United GoalAnna UrsynUS
Unraveling the CableFlora Weil, Alexandra Smorodinova, Roman Shemakov, Danya OrlovskyFR, UA, UA, RU
UntitledSergiy PetlyukUA
Vanja was hereAnastasiia YakovenkoUA
Video art “Me and other”Yuliia PastukhovaUA
Video art “Look at me”Yuliia PastukhovaUA
VR ColliderOksana ChepelykUA
W.A.R. – War Against RealityAlfonso de GregorioIT
Walls of glassGennadiy ChernegaUA
We are invincible, because we are Ukrainians!Nicole VishnevetskaUA
We Are Just NumbersKreidaUA
When the Fog ClearsSergiy PetlyukUA
Where to go? Where to go.Zoya LaktionovaUA
Why?Gennadiy ChernegaUA
Xingu AriesFeco HamburgerBR
Yamada Taro ProjectKatsuki NogamiJP
Yellow LineDE NE DEUA
мама, я домаoleksandra yavnykUA


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