AI_Absolution / Tony Boche (DE), Lena Müller (DE), Kathrin Tietz (DE), Photo: Tony Boche, Lena Müller, Kathrin Tietz


Tony Boche (DE), Lena Müller (DE), Kathrin Tietz (DE)

AI_Absolution shows an AI-person-conversation in which viewers can influence the course by making their own decisions. These are made on behalf of the person and adopted in the conversation. The conversation is set in a future scenario where artificial intelligence optimizes people‘s lives and interacts with them on a daily basis for this purpose. AI_Absolution explores the fine line between the benefits of technology and the preservation of individual self-determination.

Tony Boche (DE)

Tony Boche is a trans* design student from Berlin, Germany. He’s currently enrolled at the HTW Berlin and was involved in the conceptualisation and development of the „Ai Absolution“ Project. Aside from college life he also works as a freelance designer, indie game dev and comic artists.

Lena Müller (DE)

Lena Müller, a Berlin-based graphic designer, graduated from Lette Verein Berlin before pursuing her bachelor’s at HTW Berlin. Her exhibit “AI_Absolution” explores AI-human interactions in a near-future setting, questioning the balance between tech benefits and personal autonomy. This is her second time exhibiting at Ars Electronica.

Kathrin Tietz (DE)

Combining design and tech, Kathrin Tietz, a communication designer with a computer science background, explores the synergy between art, design, and technology. As part of the design team for the interactive exhibit “AI_Absolution”, they encourage visitors to reflect on the balance between tech benefits and potential risks to personal autonomy.