Photo: panGenerator

digital rites

Ars Electronica Garden Wroclaw: Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA) (PL)

Infinity and hash2ash by panGenerator

Welcome to the new dark age – where our misunderstanding of reality emerges not as a result of the lack of data, but quite the opposite – its overwhelming abundance. We tend to think of ourselves as more enlightened than our late predecessors from centuries ago, but in fact the realm of irrational, tribal and ritualistic seems to thrive in the age of big data. We seem increasingly dependent on the digital ghosts inside the machine, led by oracles confined in black boxes and casting spells expressed in binary code. Our installations are embodiments of those ephemeral digital rites, allowing the audience to confront them in a tangible way.

  • hash2ash


    panGenerator (PL)

    Everything Saved Will Be Lost, the motto of the installation and the paraphrase of Nintendo video game systems shutdown screen, emphatically points out the illusive permanence of digital archives. Our alertness seems switched off, lulled by blind faith in the near-transcendence of “the cloud”, which appears equipped with eternal and inexhaustible memory.

  • Infinity


    panGenerator (PL)

    The infinity scroll is a mechanism often utilized by social media services and platforms, suggesting infinite amounts of content. Endless scrolling induces a state of permanent craving in the mind, tempting it with an endless stream of new information, which, however, it is incapable of processing.


The Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA) is the successor to the traditions of the Wroclaw Feature Film Studio (WFF Wroclaw) in Poland. CeTA is an exceptional space for technology, culture and art to intersect, blend and complement one another. CeTA facilitates comprehensive realization of all stages of professional film and TV production. The Institution also provides support to both experienced and beginning creators, who can take advantage of a broad range of workshops.


Curatorial team: Dominika Kluszczyk, Monika Łuszpak – Skiba [CeTA]
Production: Monika Łuszpak – Skiba [CeTA]
Organizer: Audiovisual Technology Center [CeTA]
Partners: The National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, Polish Institute in Vienna
The project was financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the program of “Inspirational Culture”, organized by the Audiovisual Technology Center in partnership with the The National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and the Polish Institute in Vienna.
The installation hash2ash was commissioned by The National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw as part of the project “TEENS LOVE DESIGN 2017_Youth creative sector” by the artistic group panGenerator.