TX-2: MOONSHADOW / Adriana Knouf (US), photo: vog.photo


Adriana Knouf (US)

TX-2: MOONSHADOW is an experiment in speculative satellite construction and non-human space travel. By its existence, it shows that space missions can be constructed for queer, post-colonial futures, contrary to contemporary commercial, military and expansionist ends. Consisting of a handmade solar sail, custom 6U CubeSat covered in protective sigils for transgender and queer joy, and a sculpted “meteorite” that contains lichen-human hybrid structures, TX-2: MOONSHADOW draws upon the history of transgender desires for extraterrestrial encounters and suggests possibilities for non-human experiences of outer space.


The project was the outcome of a fellowship co-commissioned by Art Hub Copenhagen within the framework of Repairing The Present. Repairing The Present is co-funded by the STARTS program of the European Union. Expert Fabrication Assistance: Giorgia Piffaretti. 3D Modeling and Industrial Design: Felipe Rebolledo. Spacecraft Fabrication Space: Georg Rasmussen, CLICK/Kulturværftet, Helsingør, Denmark.
Presented with the kind support of Creative Industries Fund NL.

Photo: Christian Brems

Adriana Knouf (US)

Adriana Knouf, PhD (NL/US) works as an artist, writer and xenologist, focusing on topics such as wet media, space art and queer and trans futurities. Adriana regularly presents her artistic research around the world and beyond. Her work has been recognized by an Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica (2021), an Honorary Mention from the Science Fiction Research Association’s Innovative Research Award and as a prize winner in The Lake’s Works for Radio #4 (2020).