From Spaxels to the future of drone swarms

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What started with the invention of Spaxels and with it the whole field of drone art by the Ars Electronica Futurelab over a decade ago, has since blossomed into the field of swarms+art – inspiring countless artists and spectators all over the world. The pioneering work and many achievements of the Futurelab in this area are presented on the new swarms+art website that is also a gateway into the future, since the lab team continues to work with artists as well as industry and educational partners: Aiming to expand our knowledge on machine cooperation and autonomy as well as to find new ways of human-machine creative expression.

The swarms+art website explains the lab’s vision and services, from creating art with robotic collectives to adapting the core ideas for new partners – investigating future scenarios of interaction between humans and artificial swarms from industrial to playful and educational scenarios. On the website, you also gain insight into the swarms+art research, from the groundbreaking swarmOS operating system for swarms of drones, ground bots and other autonomous vehicles to human-swarm interaction, showcasing projects, videos and patents.

Looking to start a new project connecting swarms and art? Interested in the mechanics behind the magic? Want to remenisce about Spaxels and explore the many different projects that evolved from them? Visit the swarms+art website and get in touch! Further information can also be found on the Ars Electronica Futurelab website on research into artificial collectives.

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