AI Forest, photo: tom mesic

AI Forest – The Mushroom Hunting Game

Martina Mara, Benedikt Leichtmann, Marc Streit, Andreas Hinterreiter, Christina Humer, Moritz Heckmann, Birke van Maartens, Nives Meloni, Leonie Haasler, Gabriel Vitel & Stefan Eibelwimmer

Go on a digital-analogue mushroom hunt in the AI Forest. Find three mushroom objects among the plants and scan them with one of our tablets. With each scan, a photo of a real mushroom appears on the screen and you have to decide: Poisonous or edible?

An artificially intelligent app, which has been fed in advance with a large number of photographs of forest mushrooms, is there to advise you. Its purpose is to identify mushroom varieties. But do you trust this AI? Or maybe you prefer to rely on your own knowledge? You decide! 

AI Forest – The mushroom Hunting Game was developed in cooperation between the Robopsychology Lab and the Visual Data Science Lab at JKU Linz. The game is at the same time a research environment in which we systematically investigate the factors on which our trust in AI systems depends.


Robopsychology Lab 

Visual Data Science Lab