photo: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl

Deep Space 8K: Astronomy

The night sky has always fascinated mankind — when have you last looked at the stars? Thanks to the architecture of the Deep Space 8K far galaxies come close enough to grasp.

Make a colorful visual journey through the universe in this unique presentation room and enjoy views that we would have never seen without the support of technological aids.

  • Atacama Observatory

    Atacama Observatory

    The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) is an astronomical interferometer of radio telescopes in the Atacama desert of northern Chile.

  • Aurora


    Come face to face with the impressive natural spectacles of the Northern Lights and enjoy the time-lapse recordings in deep space.

  • Earth from Space

    Earth from Space

    The focus here is on our planet Earth – with all its ecological and socio-economic aspects relating to climate change.

  • Hubble Space Telescope

    Hubble Space Telescope

    Distant galaxies come within reach with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. A selection of high-resolution photos awaits you in Deep Space.

  • OpenSpace


    The fascination of space – In search of life.

  • Sun


    The star at the center of our solar system delivers the light and warmth that make life on Earth possible. Sun enables viewers in Deep Space 8K to behold that star’s enormous power.

  • TWAN – The World at Night

    TWAN – The World at Night

    Be amazed by the beauty of the night sky and gaze at the stars from Earth in deep space.

  • Uniview: A grandiose journey through space and time

    Uniview: A grandiose journey through space and time

    Experience interactive 3D flights through the entire known universe in breathtaking images and experience the dimensions of space like never before.