Apprenticeship Program: Future in your Mind, Future in your Hand

The Future Thinking School by Ars Electronica has developed a program for apprentices to immerse themselves in the exciting topics of artificial intelligence and the spirit of innovation. This varied interactive workshop includes the Ars Electronica Center’s exhibitions and a presentation in Deep Space 8K.

The goal of the program is to take a closer look at those future technologies that are already ubiquitous or soon will be in the everyday and professional lives of apprentices. Artificial intelligence, innovative spirit and media competence – in addition to understanding basic concepts of AI and application examples from practice, the participants gain insight into the most important technical aspects and possible applications. Together, they develop ideas for the future and an awareness of the need for creative and innovative communication and collaboration. In addition to learning, there is enough time to get to know each other and grow together – whether over lunch or a jointly solved task.

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Target group Apprentices (all apprenticeship years, cross-sector)
Duration 4 to 8 hours
Format This workshop consists of presentations, interactive team activities as well as insights into relevant exhibitions of the Ars Electronica Center.
Language Conducted in German or English
Prior experience No previous knowledge necessary
Max. number of participants Up to 30 persons
Location Ars Electronica Center or suitable premises of your organization
Price (net, excl. VAT) Full-day program excl. lunch: € 3.000,-