create your world Festival

Future Echoes at create your world festival 2023. PlayOn! and Landestheater Linz. Photo:

The Future Festival of the Next Generation

September 4 – 8, 2024, Linz / Austria

Once again this year, the “festival within the festival” is an invitation to experiment and try out new things. At the create your world festival, new technologies, special ideas and unusual life models can be tried out and further developed in various open labs.

Everyone can decide for themselves how much time they want to devote to a project – whether it is only five minutes or a whole day. There is a lot to experience and discover throughout the festival village. Many different artists, associations and companies are part of this playground where we can immerse ourselves in the world of tomorrow. The perfect place for creatives, inventors, forward thinkers and those with a thirst for knowledge!

You can find some photographic impressions of the last create your world festival here.
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