K-Arts X Ars Electronica – “Human Touch”

Online Guest Lecture Series

For three years the Korea National University of Arts – short K-Arts – collaborates with Ars Electronica on research and exchange about how the creation of the human-like activity changes the digital and online sphere. In 2022 this exchange focuses on Human Touch through a guest lecture series with Helen Starr, Špela Petrič and Robin McNicholas (Marshmallow Laser Feast).

K-arts about the topic: “Human Touch which means ‘humaneness’ or ‘moves of hand’ is being used as a newly coined word to express an emotional connection between people that is deficient in a non-contact era. Humankind has expanded this domain into digital world far from his physical limits through progression of technology. Such a state of digital post-humanism has helped us envision unprecedented senses and habits interacting and empathizing other things, surfaces and objects. We are desperate to find out how to sustain human touch in the world where we communicate through media rather than in-person contact. How can we feel warmness of human itself and consider non-human existence?”

In 2022, the global lecture series around Human Touch will have three content topics around technology, society, and art. It will deal with art as the most human-like way to communicate with various existence in expanded digital environment.

The guest lecture series is moderated by Laura Welzenbach, Head of Ars Electronica Export, Q&A by Prof. Chungyean Cho (Vice President of K-ARTS) with technical support by Ferenc Hirt and Armin Seidl.

Further Lecturers are:

So Yeon Leem is a researcher in science and technology studies whose academic interests include human enhancement technology and the body, new material feminism, and science, technology and gender. Her work has appeared solo- and co-authored articles in international journals such as Ethnic and Racial Studies, Medical Anthropology and Social Studies of Science as well as books such as Women of No Mystery(2022), Modest Witnesses(2021, co-authored), Posthumanism and the Transformation of Civilization(2017, co-authored), and Living as Cyborgs in the Age of Science and Technology(2014). She currently works as an assistant professor at Dong-A University’s College of General Education, where she is working on a book about plastic surgery cyborgs.

Eunyoung Park is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and researcher who works across art, design and technology. Her works include a toy, a space-building tool, and soft robots. As such, she enjoys working with diverse media and taking playful approaches to projects for making them deliver good stories. Her works often involve with demystifying cutting-edge technologies by opening up the process of making and revealing the interconnectedness of things. After seven years of working and studying between Finland, Germany, Denmark and US, she is continuing her practice back in Seoul.