AI5production Future Insights: Artificial intelligence

This interactive workshop is based on the current exhibition “Understanding Artificial Intelligence” at the Ars Electronica Center. It is designed to give participants a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and an awareness of the importance of this topic.

The EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) AI5production, funded by the EC (Digital Europe Programme) and FFG (BMAW), offers free participation for employees of production companies (SME or midcap up to 3000 employees).

Whether in personalized marketing activities, traffic analysis, medical diagnosis or self-driving vehicles. Artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday life and has an impact on various aspects of our economy up to our social interaction. Artificial intelligence is even already being used to create works of art. But what exactly is behind it?

In addition to understanding basic terms and practical applications, participants will also gain an insight into the most important technical aspects: How is an AI system built and how are AI applications trained? The topic is also examined from a critical perspective: What influence does the selection of training data have on the results and what impact could this have?
After this workshop, participants will be able to contextualize the term Artificial Intelligence and engage with this essential technology at an organizational level. This program is supported by the EC (Digital Europe Programme) and FFG (BMAW).

Format This workshop consists of presentations, interactive involvement of the participants, and a special guided tour of the current exhibition “Understanding AI” at the Ars Electronica Center.
Duration 2,5 hours
Target group Employees and management from Austrian production companies with up to 3000 employees
Prior experience No previous knowledge necessary
Max. number of participants 14 persons (max. 5 from one company)
Location Workshop Room in the Future Thinking School by Ars Electronica
Language Conducted in German language
Price per participant The costs are covered entirely by the European Digital Innovation Hub AI5production
Dates: There are currently no workshops planned

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