Idea Factory: Digital Mindset

In a constantly changing digital world, not only a technically reliable infrastructure is needed, but also a “digital mindset” – open minds and attitudes towards new technologies and tools.

Fostering a “digital mindset” among employees and managers is invaluable for companies and institutions. In this interactive workshop, participants develop a common language and understanding as well as concrete approaches to sharpen their personal and organizational digital mindset.

Format This workshop is divided into two parts. The first one focuses on knowledge transfer through presentations as well as a guided tour through the current exhibition, “Understanding AI”, in the Ars Electronica Center. In the second part, participants are invited to jointly develop, discuss and concretize their ideas for implementing a digital mindset within their organization. The workshop will be conducted primarily as an in-person program.
Duration 4 to 8 hours
Target group Employees and management of companies and institutions of all sizes.
Pre experience No previous knowledge required
Max. number of participants Presence: 14 people and up to 30 people for an additional charge
Location Ars Electronica Center or suitable premises of your organization 
Language Conducted in German or English
Price (inc. 13% VAT) 4,5 hours: starting from € 2.330,-
7 hours: starting from € 3.520,-