Deep Space Lecture: Gustav Klimt’s Images of Women – A Dialogue with the Portraits of Women by Rebecca Merlic

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Thu Apr 28, 2022, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).

In addition to its international museum collaborations, Deep Space is teaming up with the Belvedere Museum, Vienna, on 4/28 to offer a special program that delves into Ars Electronica’s “Cultural Heritage” activities.

This evening will focus on Gustav Klimt’s paintings of women. Klimt’s depictions of trendy personalities not only fascinated the art-savvy public at the time, but can still inspire today. Klimt’s works will be presented and explained by Franz Smola, art historian and Klimt expert at the Belvedere in Vienna. Smola questions Klimt’s images of women primarily with regard to the role of the sitter, their social relevance, how far Klimt supports or questions their social determinacy, and much more. At the center of this discourse is the outstanding visual material created by Google Arts & Culture for the new digital Klimt presentation “Klimt versus Klimt,” curated by Smola.

At the same time, Klimt’s works are compared with the works of the award-winning artist Rebecca Merlic. Rebecca Merlic gives personal insights into the techniques and conception of her works and thus provides an important impetus for the discussion of today’s image of women in the field of contemporary art.

Deep Space 8 K’s technology, recently upgraded with new sound and image quality, delivers a new viewing and sound experience. Especially in the case of the works of Gustav Klimt, the gigapixel photos from Google Arts & Culture, presented on the 16 x 9 meter wall of Deep Space 8K, enable unexpected insights into Klimt’s art that would not be possible in this form with the naked eye.

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