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You want to learn more about your own products, your own field and its undiscovered potentials? You want to gain an alternative insight into your own business? In the Hackathon we will bring together experts, activists, digital alchemists and visionaries with various backgrounds to challenge and prove the capabilities of your product for new applications.

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The Hackathon brings together engineers, programmers, designers, artists or enthusiasts, to collaborate intensively as an interdisciplinary team. The Hackathon Format has been created as an education opportunity to study current and future developments and unlimited possibilities of your product/device in a creative, scientific and experimental environment. The Hackathon invite 15-25 professionals across disciplines to evolve innovative ideas and first concepts. Companies can delegate their employees and co-develop with Ars Electronica the thematic strands of the Hackathon.

Target Audience Private sector companies as well as public institutions & universities
Duration Basic: 4 days with 3 key lectures à 1 hour and daily group work sessions,
Premium: 6 days with 5 key lectures à 1 hour and daily group work sessions
Format Hackathon
Language English, German
Number of Participants Max. 25 participants
Fee Upon request