Inside Festival: the create your world festival

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Thu Aug 27, 2020, 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm
All times are given in Central European Time (CET / UTC +1).

Following last year’s brilliant 40-year festival, which brought more artists, exhibitors and international experts to Linz than ever before, this year Ars Electronica is going on a journey, or rather the festival itself is becoming a journey – a journey through “Kepler’s Gardens”, which are not just located in Linz at the JKU Campus but also 120 other locations worldwide. 120 locations between Tokyo and Los Angeles, where universities, museums, galleries, clubs, communes and businesses will hold hundreds of exhibitions, conferences, performances, concerts and workshops that are aimed at the local audiences.

In addition to the usual exhibitions, symposia, concerts and events, create your world is the future initiative that poses important questions for the next generation: Who will shape the future? Who determines what the next generation will be like in 20 years? Which technologies will we develop? How will our society change? Which artistic idea can be useful to us? And, of course, create your world also deals with this year’s themes of autonomy and democracy. After all, self-determination and independence are important developmental steps in the life of a person. One needs and also wants to take responsibility and acquire independence. Coupled with the subjective talents of each individual, this results in different needs, to which different educational systems must regularly readjust in order to enable collective decisions and further development. These elements are cornerstones of democratic processes and fundamental to our social growth.

This year’s create your world festival invites young people and the young at heart to create social and creative closeness – with physical distance. An exchange network will share projects, ideas and talents. This platform for education, experiments and different future scenarios will show a great variety of young experts, all of whom can learn from each other. In Home Delivery the organisers will talk about the programme of CoderDojo Linz and explain the projects robodrum, Tagtool and Baukasten der Zukunft.