Inside Futurelab: 25th Anniversary Series – Episode Three – Creative (Artificial) Intelligence

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Fri Jun 4, 2021, 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm
All times are given in Central European Time (CET / UTC +1).

With the question “Can artificial intelligence be creative?”, artist and key researcher Ali Nikrang goes on the trail of the latest research on artificial intelligence and creativity in Creative (Artificial) Intelligence. In this third episode from the Anniversary series, he comments on controversial hype and explores methods of creative collaboration between humans and machines. He examines the creative potential of algorithms and reveals surprising possibilities for constructive collaboration with the user.

Ali Nikrang explains important basics from the field of artificial intelligence using the installation What A Ghost Dreams Of: Deep Fakes, which are indistinguishable from real portraits, are generated from images of museum visitors with the help of artificial intelligence. OpenAI’s GPT-2 language model also uses the creativity of an artificial intelligence to create texts with credible content, inviting engagement.

However, using his AI-based music composition system Ricercar, MuseNet’s composition Mahler Unfinished, and Sounding Letters – an AI that translates letters into a musical composition – Ali Nikrang also shows that it is still human creativity alone that distinguishes analog from digitally generated work.


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