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Acquired Immunity

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Acquired Immunity is the immune response to a new environmental challenge, like a virus or an allergen. It is a creative response based on the production of antibodies never before seen in nature. Cultivamos Cultura provides conditions to foster the creative response of artists towards new challenges through social and natural environment, local activities, and the influence of colleagues. It shows those challenges and creative outcomes in virtual and real space.

Acquired Immunity

The Cultivamos Cultura Garden is a space where the local and the global merge. We perceive it as a living organism, with different levels of organization at distinct scales: cells, tissues, organs, systems. At its core, a community of artists/researchers/makers, our residents, keep Cultivamos Cultura alive. On the next level are the interlaced exchanges with the local community of human and non-human members in São Luis (Alentejo, Portugal), in the largest natural park of the country. Beyond that, connections are strengthened through links that reach the whole world.

We created a virtual Cultivamos Cultura space in Mozilla Hubs to match the physical space (an old farm with three connected barns) where we host our yearly exhibition. Acquired Immunity shows artworks arising from our residencies and guests. The translation of the physical space and its artworks into our hub involves rethinking the materiality of the work and whether we can live and interact with each other and produce creative outcomes in a virtual/real interface. At Acquired Immunity, we bring together a collection of works and a series of local activities showing the Cultivamos Cultura experience. Guided tours of the exhibition by curator Marta de Menezes, artist Adam Zaretsky and immunologist Luis Graça will provide different paths within the real and virtual spaces. The activities will include guided tours of the local natural park landscape and local culture, along with micro-documentaries related to the possibilities of laboratory and fieldwork in art and biology. Through this visit, we aim to show representative artworks and the context that led to their conception.

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Cultivamos Cultura (PT)
Município de Odemira (PT)
Direcção Geral das Artes | Ministério da Cultura (PT)
Naturarte Turismo Rural (PT)
Marta de Menezes, Cultivamos Cultura (PT)
Adam Zaretsky, NADLinc (US/PT)
Luis Graça, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa (PT)
Pavel Tavares, Cultivamos Cultura (PT)
Claudia Figueiredo, Cultivamos Cultura (PT)
Diana Mordido Aires, Cultivamos Cultura (PT)
Dalila Honorato, Ionian University (GR)
Acknowledgements to the participating authors:
Adam Zaretsky (US/PT)
Alan Tod (FR/PT)
Antonio Caramelo (PT)
Amy Youngs (US)
Carolyn Angleton (US)
Carla Rebelo (PT)
Dalila Honorato (PT/GR)
Erich Berger (AT/FI)
Hege Tapio (NO)
Kathy High (US)
Ken Rinaldo (US)
Kira O’Reilly (IE/FI)
Lena Lee (MX)
Maria Manuela Lopes (PT)
Mark Lipton (CA)
Marta de Menezes (PT)
Monica Garcia (PT)
Paulo Bernardino Bastos (PT)
Pavel Tavares (BR/PT)
Robertina Sebjanic (SI)
Till Boverman (AT/FI)


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