Emergence & Convergence: Interviews
Katherine Melançon, George Fok, Daniel Corbeil, Sabrina Ratté

In these interviews, Katherine Melançon, George Fok, Daniel Corbeil and Sabrina Ratté explain the scope of their works, the subtle links they made between technology and ecology, and their vision of the future as seen through this lens.

Emergence & Convergence: Art as prophetic and responsive
Katherine Melançon, George Fok, Moritz Wehrmann, Cheryl Sim

In this live conversation, Cheryl Sim, managing director and curator at the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, and artists from the exhibition Emergence & Convergence will discuss their work, which meets at the intersection of the self, digital technology, the built environment and the natural world.

Emergence & Convergence: An Online Guided Tour

PHI is thrilled to present an online guided tour of Emergence & Convergence, the PHI Centre’s current exhibition in Montreal. Emergence & Convergence is an invitation to immerse ourselves completely in the works. This exhibition investigates our humanity in relationship with our planet and all living beings.

Why Sentience?
ISEA2020 (CA)

ISEA2020 examines the resurgence of sentience — feeling-sensing-making sense — in art and science. We ask: why sentience? Why and how does sentience matter? Why have artists and scholars become interested in sensing and feeling beyond, with, and around our strictly human bodies and selves? Why has this notion been forefronted by an array of disciplines in the 21st century? Our garden at Ars Electronica teases at how the transdisciplinary investigations from participating artists and scientists at ISEA2020 respond to these questions and pose new ones.

Emergence & Convergence

The PHI GARDEN gives a virtual overview of the PHI Centre’s current Emergence & Convergence exhibition in Montreal, an exhibition that investigates our humanity in relationship with our planet and all living beings. It explores a future in which the fusion of nature and technology could become a new ecology.