“Non-Player Piano” sound performance
HSE Art And Design School: Sound Art and Sound Design Department

Non-Player Piano was created specifically for Ars Electronica Festival 2020. It will be performed on Moscow River in collaboration with Mubert AI App. The performance will include live music improvisations aided by an artificial neural network “trained” to analyze the surrounding environment, such as the weather, time of day, location, speed, and type of movement.

HSE Animation Garden
Varvara Fomicheva (RU), Polina Nevozhay (RU), Daria Ivanova (RU), Nastya Panina (RU), Maria Maximova (RU), Elena Charobay (RU)

HSE Animation department displays the work of young female directors: Varvara Fomicheva, Daria Ivanova, Nastya Panina, Maria Maximova, Elena Charobay. This part of the HSE Garden Pavilion flourishes in diversity: from a remake of a classic Russian fairytale in a setting of an environmental catastrophe to an intimate story about a mysterious digital garden.

"Get Out", a 3D game
Elena Vlasova (RU)

The world of “Get out” happily greets us at its gates, promising a journey through a utopian and positive space. However, as we interact with its inhabitants, the story turns out to be different. In the world of “Get Out,” nature refuses to be vulnerable and actively defends itself with a surrealistic mix of natural objects and Internet artifacts.

Datasets vs Mindsets
Dmitry Bulatov, Lev Manovich, Alla Mitrofanova, Helena Nikonole, Daria Parkhomenko, Yanina Prudenko, Olga Vad

Public talks by the leading Russian-speaking thinkers and philosophers of new media.

Datasets vs Mindsets: Performance Program
Katarina Melik-Ovsepian + Nikita Prudnikov (aka monekeer) (RU), Maria Molokova (RU), Kira Weinshtein (RU), Nikolay Golikov, Yulia Glukhove (holoherz), EOLA

The project includes a one-day performance program using innovative forms of representation and interaction between online and offline formats, such as new approaches to webcasting and experimental web-interfaces, which create brand-new user experiences for online visitors.

Anastasia Alekhina (RU), Medina Bazargali (KZ), Aristarkh Chernyshev (RU), Ellina Genadievna (RU), Daria Goffman, Evgeny Kruglov (RU), Uli Golub (UA), Valentin Fetisov (RU), Egor Kraft (RU), Evgeny Kruglov (RU), Anvar Musrepov (KZ), Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko (RU), Vita Shakhnovich (RU), Andrey Smirnov, Ekaterina Trubina (RU), ::vtol:: (RU), Anton Lapov (UA)

The project aims to present several generations of new media artists from post-Soviet countries in the international context including an online exhibition.

HSE Garden Pavilion

HSE Garden Pavilion is a platform that presents a 3D game, sound performance and an animated short film program. It’s dedicated to the issues of modern environments, both online and offline. HSE Garden Pavilion was created by students and curators of the HSE Art and Design School, which is the part of HSE University, one of the leading Russian universities.

Datasets vs Mindsets
Helena Nikonole (RU), Olga Vad (RU)

or many Post-Soviet countries digitalisation is proclaimed one of the main important national priorities, however, the local context transforms the understanding and implementation of digital tools in its own way. The project aims to present several generations of new media artists from post-Soviet countries. It is dedicated to the artistic exploration of the boundaries between digital and physical spaces and the whole spectrum of phenomena and consequences of the implementations of algorithmic regulation and control tools in the local context.