Dialogue#4 – shifting perspectives
HKU University Of The Arts Utrecht (NL)

In Dialogue#4 we talk about shifting perspectives. With several artists involved in the exhibition we discuss the aspect of “reality” and in what way art should contribute to a broader perspective on reality. Things we take for granted are maybe not what they seem, or at least there is another way of looking at them. When looking at it this way then there is no fake news as it is just another perception of reality. In a world fixed on maintaining certainty, and thus one perspective as the truth, how can artists fight against this narrow minded view on reality?

Dialogue#3 – demystifying technology
HKU University Of The Arts Utrecht (NL)

Dialogue#3 is about demystifying technology. Technology is often a black box. We have no clue what is inside the equipment we use every day. In some cases, there is even no way to open the tools we use so frequently. In what ways can we hack the technology we encounter and use every day and all day and can we give a new or different use and meaning to it? What do we learn from this process and about the way things are made and maybe should be made?

Dialogue#2 – imagining tomorrow
HKU University Of The Arts Utrecht (NL)

Dialogue#2 is called imagining tomorrow. Nobody can deny our world is in a huge transition. We live in an age of uncertainty where we are forced to rethink basically every aspect of our society from the personal to the governmental to the spiritual. We discuss with artists how they look at the responsibility of creatives when it comes to changing the world. And, is it just about exposing the problems we face or can you do more as an artist?

Dialogue#1 – data driven art
HKU University Of The Arts Utrecht (NL)

The dialogues are moderated sessions to have a more in depth look at and discussion on the underlying themes of the works at the exhibition. Dialogue#1 is about data driven art. With artists involved in the exhibition we discuss the need to make the invisible world behind technology in our society visible.

Online Exhibition NEW CONNECTIONS
HKU University Of The Arts Utrecht (NL)

The opening night will feature several live performances all related to the theme “new connections”. This for example by revisiting and passing on music traditions through electronic means, new tactile electronic instruments and an AV show performed by live coding artists.

Clusterduck (IT/DE/FR)

Based on the aesthetics of online conspiracy theorists, ancient grimoires, and cutting edge contemporary digital design, MEME MANIFESTO strives to be a manual for memetic production, a highly refined documentation of the contemporary memetic landscape and an art book about the hidden sides of the Internet. The project seeks to describe the personal experience of someone who is approaching meme culture, affirm the importance and power of memes, and give everyone the tools to harness this power.

Zero Footprint
Douglas Rushkoff

In the 2020 festival “Zero Footprint”, subtitled “Living and Connecting on a Damaged Earth”, IMPAKT will focus on the climate crisis through the eyes of artists and radical thinkers. How can we create structural change that can serve the many instead of the few?

oneseconds (NL)

A 20 minute online interactive performance where the audience decides the faith of the protagonist. Influencer questions the autonomy of the human being in modern times. How far are we influenced by the majority?

Abducting Europa - Live artist talks
Simon Denny (NZ/DE), Andy King (UK), Szabolcs KissPál (HU), Annika Larsson (SE/DE), Liliana Piskorska (PL), Jonas Staal (NL/GR)

Artists from the “Abducting Europa” exhibition will discuss their work in a series of artists talks, live and pre-recorded. Political fantasy, from myths of national rebirth to the esoteric dimensions of deep web conspiracy theories, these talks will discuss the use and abuse of history, the lure of a Golden Age, and alternative visions on Europe.

Radicalization by Design - Panel discussion
Joanna Bryson (UK/DE), Bharath Ganesh (US/NL), Richard Rogers (UK/NL), Sahana Udupa (DE). Moderation: Arjon Dunnewind (NL) and Marc Tuters (CA/NL)

Live panel discussion - Speakers from the “Radicalization by Design” web project and other guests will discuss issues of freedom of speech, of extreme speech and deplatforming. Recently the big corporate social media platforms have come under immense pressure to clean up their act.

Radicalization by Design - Webproject
Florian Cramer (DE/NL), Bharat Ganesh (US/NL), Jon Rafman (CA/US), Richard Rogers (US/NL), Dimitri Tokmetzis (NL)

Webproject - Radicalization by Design will discuss the question of whether our media are radicalizing us. Is social media tearing society apart? How do trolls, conspiracy theories, memes and fringe platforms impact politics today?

New Connections
HKU University Of The Arts Utrecht (NL)

The Ars Electronica Garden Utrecht hosted by HKU is a showcase of upcoming talents from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. As a focus this showcase reflects on what could be called “new connections.” The HKU Expertise Centre for Creative Technology has curated this showcase.

Gardens of Darkness, Gardens of Light

In Gardens of Darkness, Gardens of Light, Utrecht-based media arts organization IMPAKT will present art projects and discussions addressing the perils and promises of technoculture at a historic moment, when the future seems profoundly uncertain.