create your world space tour: Hacking Humans for Space and STEAM in Space

​​In partnership with spaceEU, the create your world festival comes directly into your classroom. Under the title “create your world: space TOUR” we can offer you two popular workshops for free. The contents are about future issues as well as competencies such as critical thinking and solution-oriented action. Space serves as a source of inspiration and communication.

Step into Space Print at Home Exhibition

​​Become an exhibition designer and explore the fascination of space at the same time. Print the pdf Step into Space booklet on A4 and the pdf Step into Space Exhibition on A3. The booklet tells you how to do it.

spaceEU Toolkit Launch

spaceEU is an EU project for space outreach and education activities. In order to make these activities available to a wide audience, we collected all our expertise in a toolkit. Find out about how to use it and discover how space becomes a source for inspiration

Step into Space
Online Exhibition

Step into Space is an exciting exhibition developed by Ars Electronica, Science Gallery Dublin and University Leiden that brings together space sciences and art to inspire youths and their families. Space mission will lead you through the story.

Visit the Moon with an astrophysicist!
Cité de l’espace (FR)

Come visit the Moon with French astrophysicist and co-discoverer of ice on the Moon, Sylvestre Maurice! He will guide you through the “Moon exhibition” in Cité de l’espace, the space museum in Toulouse, France. These 4 videos were made as part of the “children’s science conference” that invited pupils to imagine their schools on the Moon. Through the eyes of an astrophysicist who has dedicated his life to solar system exploration, click and discover step by step the immersive "Moon exhibition".

Space Art Tour – Educators Edition
Ars Electronica (AT), Ciência Viva (PT), Leiden University (NL)

Sehen Sie sich die Weltraumkunst beim Ars Electronica Festival an und lernen Sie verschiedene Tools für LehrerInnen und PädagogInnen kennen. Der Weltraum und das Universum werden als Inspirationsquelle genutzt.

Pavilion of Knowledge Garden
Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva (PT)

Ars Electronica Lisbon Garden will take us on a virtual tour of the Pavilion of Knowledge exhibits. Rui Agostinho, together with Ana Noronha, will co-host a live virtual presentation, answering questions and explaining how we can know the chemical composition of stars from their light. Ars Electronica Garden Lisbon will link to Ars Electronica spaceEU for the launch of spaceEU Toolkit, a ready-to-use digital collection of space-centered activities. Both gardens will host the world-famous Sarah Petkus’s Noodle.

Pendulum Garden
Parque de las Ciencias (ES)

The Pendulum consists of 17 pendulums of different lengths and colors which represents the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to make society aware of the importance of achieving them by 2030. In this way, science and art come together to spread the importance of acting globally to achieve equality among people, protect the planet and ensure prosperity as part of the new sustainable development agenda.

Space Garden
Universum® Bremen (DE)

Space research is fascinating and important, but it is hardly addressed in schools. As an institution for scientific communication and a member of the project SpaceEU Universum® Bremen will provide courses for students and teachers, and also exhibit examples of student projects about space.