Ars Electronica Garden Melbourne

Beside the Nibelungen bridge & Oribokit: Gardening for Robots

Studio Matthew Gardiner (AU)

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Wherever you are today and whenever you may have sat or stood somewhere, late late late at night, in Linz, this work is for you, this work invites you use our AR gadgets to place a Wurststand in your town, or place a Leberkässemmel on your plate at home. Share a post and write a short memory of a day (or night) at an Ars Electronica Festival. Links to social platforms AR filters via the festival channels and

Gardening for Robots

Dr Matthew Gardiner (artist) pioneered the convergence of origami, folding and robotics through his generations of Oribotics. His artworks portray an altered future wherein folding forms the fundamental fabric of life, and his artistic process explores Folding as Code for Matter, creating works that exhibit material intelligence. Oribokit™ is a democratic artwork, designed to open his field of expertise to a general audience as via an art-kit medium. Beside the Nibelungen Bridge, similar to Gardiner’s Synthetic Memetic piece from 2013, deals with a complex social topic by practising critical humour. Gardiner is currently the key researcher in Robotic Origami in the Ars Electronica Futurelab.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Matthew Gardiner. Workshops hosted by Experimenta.  

Studio Matthew Gardiner