Beside the Nibelungen bridge & Oribokit: Gardening for Robots

Beside the Nibelungen bridge / Neben der Nibelungenbrucke

Matthew Gardiner (AU)

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Festival, late, Golden Nicas delivered. A mixed hoard spill into Linz; eclectic electric musicians chattering in nihongo, intro-and-extro-verted artists and friends not seen for an age for the tyranny of distance. Drawn involuntarily to places warmer and happier than Hans in Glück, to a lone Würstlstand in Linz. Perhaps beside the Linzer Nibelungenbrucke.

Like crowned royalty of yore, they dine on high protein, rocket-high sodium, warm bread and mustard; on Leberkäs, Pustalaibchen, Kaesekrainer washed down with a cold blue can of Puntigamer lager. As the festivities fade fondly from the day’s memory, the conversations yawn to a close, they wander homewards to catch some winks to recharge for the next day of festival.

Wherever you are today and whenever you may have sat or stood somewhere, late late late at night, in Linz, this work is for you, this work invites you to use our AR gadgets to place a Wurststand (sausage stand) in your town, or place a Leberkässemmel on your plate at home. Share a post and write a short memory of a day (or night) at an Ars Electronica Festival.


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Matthew Gardiner, Ars Electronica Futurelab