Ars Electronica Garden Cluj

Questioning Hierarchies Between Art and Science

Cluj Cultural Centre (RO)

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The Ars Electronica Garden Cluj features the residents invited by Cluj Cultural Centre to participate in the European Art & Science project, Studiotopia. Cluj Cultural Centre embarked on Studiotopia motivated by the challenge of connecting arts and science in a more organic, non-hierarchical manner. The project integrates well with our local engagement and programs to support artists in their work, create a context for knowledge-sharing among professionals in different disciplines, bring STEAM education into schools and develop research. We are also motivated by the partnership built up between such diverse and strong international institutions, and we join our common journey with purpose to produce new structures of knowledge by bringing art and science closer together.

Questioning Hierarchies Between Art and Science

For the Studiotopia residency programme, Cluj Cultural Centre has invited two artists to join the project: Alexandra Pirici and Ciprian Mureșan. Alexandra Pirici is a Romanian artist and choreographer whose performances and installations explore history and invisible structures of power, in both gallery and public spaces. Ciprian Mureșan lives and works in Cluj, Romania. In his works, he explores, salvages and re-contextualizes historical, social and cultural references to unveil the complexity of everyday life and the conditions for viewing history.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Alexandra Pirici (RO), Ciprian Mureșan (RO)

Cluj Cultural Centr