Re-FREAM Exhibition

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Fashion is a constantly ongoing development process, reflecting the mutable zeitgeist of a complex society; it is the art and the related design discipline that most effectively transmit the languages and messages of our contemporary culture. Fashion can, thus, also be a fundamental attitude of any human to act on the surrounding reality in order to shape it and essentially be a “change-making” action.

The research project Re-FREAM is exploring the interaction between the domains of Fashion, Design, Science, Craft and Technology, promoting a space for co-creation and research, where experimental projects will be connecting artists with scientists and technologists for better human centered and sustainable solutions.

The Re-FREAM Garden shows the results of 10 co-creation projects, illustration the potential of combining art with technology, crafting and sciences. The Re-FREAM Garden also looks at fashion from an uncomfortable perspective and opens up new spheres for sustainability and diversity with various talks and positions of artists.