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Markus Hofer “Visuelle Hypothese” – an exhibition @ AAA project space of MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna

MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna (AT)

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The focus of Markus Hofer’s exhibition Visuelle Hypothese is the process of visual perception, in which our brain is supplied with information about objects visible in space through the retinal and optic nerve, and compares them objects to remembered and memorized objects. It is only by matching our memory to what we have seen that we can recognize an object and determine its function.

Markus Hofer “Visuelle Hypothese”

Markus Hofer: „I am fascinated by this process in which visual hypotheses are established based on sensory information. Ultimately, we cannot perceive anything that we cannot classify. This matching and learning is essential for our minds. So we can invent our reality.“

With the ambiguity so typical to him and the tongue-in-cheek titles integral to the individual artworks, Markus Hofer’s objects lead our experience ad absurdum and challenge us to a lustful, unbiased and revealing process of perception.

Duration of the exhibition on site: September 09, 2020 – September 10, 2020


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Markus Hofer – MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna, AT

Thanks to Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Elsy Lahner, Markus Hofer.,,


Markus Hofer (AT), who currently conquers world stages and is in the middle of a very exciting success story, is a very likeable and down-to-earth persona, originally from the Mühlviertel, in the Austrian countryside. In 2014 he presented his autobiographical work „Das endlose Zimmer“(The Endless Room) at our gallery in Vienna. One year later, the international jury of the ART Brussels selected him to present his work in the highly competitive SOLO presentations. In 2016, he was invited to „sculpture by the sea“ in Perth (Australia), an exhibition visited by several hundred thousand people, during which he was honored with the Directors Award.

He is also entering the glittering world of luxury fashion, with French label Hermes commissioning him to develop an artistic concept for their flagship store in Shanghai that enhances the presentation of their products in a nonchalant and laid-back, albeit lively and smart way ―all words which could be used to describe Markus Hofer himself.

Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art

Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg was founded in 1972 by Mario and Waltraud Mauroner as Galerie Academia. With 30 years of international experience, more than 400 exhibitions and participation in international art fairs, plus an additional 1200sqm, two-level exhibition space in Vienna, MAM offers spectacular room for the presentation of large-scale sculptures –one of the gallery’s main focuses.

As a second point of interest, the gallery’s program is also dedicated to collecting the work of outstanding international contemporary artists, especially from the Mediterranean, with a common ground in the steady progression of their respective creative work, built independently from current trends. Aside from its Ground Floor and Basement, as of October 2014 the gallery hosts roomnumberOne, a space exclusively dedicated to emerging artists, as well as All About Art, a new space focusing on interdisciplinary projects.
The Seilerstätte District, where the gallery is located, is not only known for its high class hotels, but for a very lively art scene, filled with contemporary art galleries, museums and boutiques as well as design flagship stores such as Minotti, Ladenstein and SieMatic.

We want our new project space to benefit from this exciting location by bringing together art, design and architecture and inviting curators, designers, architects and collectors to collaborate on interdisciplinary exhibitions.


MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna